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Should You Hire a Realtor to Buy a House in Denver?

It’s an incredibly common question: should you hire a realtor to buy a house in Denver?

You Don’t Have to Hire a Realtor, But Doing So Comes With Lots of Benefits

It is possible to buy a home without using an agent. But, there are a lot of benefits that come with hiring an agent to work on your behalf. Why not get expert advice when you can, especially when making one of life’s largest purchases?

A Realtor Helps with Negotiation, the Financing Process,  and Market Research

When you hire a realtor, they take on several key roles on your behalf.

Most notably, an agent negotiates the deal on your behalf, assists you through the financing process, and gathers up-to-date market information to get you the best deal.

Hiring a Realtor Will Save You Stress and Wasted Energy

Perhaps most importantly, you can save yourself a lot of stress and wasted energy by finding a trustworthy and experienced agent. Buying a home is always a difficult process, especially in a seller’s-market like this one. A realtor will take on the majority of the leg-work so you can enjoy the process.

Phyllis Ursetta is an Amazing Realtor With Decades of Experience in the Denver Market

Should you hire a realtor to buy a house and Experienced Denver Realtor Photo - Image of Phyllis HikingPhyllis Ursetta is available to help you buy your dream Denver home!

A Denver-born-and-raised Italian, Phyllis Ursetta has owned her award-winning Denver brokerage for nearly 30 years. She began her Real Estate career with Dana Crawford in 1991, the early days of the “Loft Craze” in downtown Denver. Then, she started her own Company, Integrity Realty, in 1992. Integrity Realty earned recognition from Colorado Biz as one of Colorado’s Top 100 Women-Owned Companies for five years running. Additionally, Integrity Realty was recognized as one of Colorado’s Top 250 Private Companies for two years.

Today, Phyllis continues to be a high producer of Real Estate sales in Denver. She is currently available to help folks who are buying a Denver home to achieve the best possible outcome. Give her a call or send her a text today to start talking strategy. Let her put her decades of experience in this very market to use to make your real estate dreams come true.