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It is Possible to Buy a Home in Denver with Bad Credit?

Wondering whether you can buy a home in Denver with bad credit? You’ve come to the right place.

Over 15% of Americans Have a Low Credit Score

Buy a home in Denver with bad credit - image of someone stressed in front of a laptopHaving poor credit is incredibly common. In fact, over 15% of Americans have a credit score under 579. But does that mean those 15% of Americans can’t own a home until they improve their credit score? Not necessarily!

Don’t Give Up on the Idea that You Can Buy a Home in Denver with Bad Credit Until You’ve Spoken to a Professional

Admittedly, as a result of the housing collapse, mortgage lenders have tightened up their credit standards. However, that doesn’t mean a prospective homeowner absolutely cannot buy a home with poor credit. It is worthwhile to speak with a mortgage lender to go over your particular financial situation and determine whether you can qualify for a loan and, if so, for how much. While some loan types will likely be unavailable to borrowers with a low credit score, there are a number of different loan options which do not require a sterling credit score. The best way to determine whether one of those will work for you is to contact a professional. In short, don’t rule out the idea of buying a home in Denver with bad credit until you’ve talked to a professional to get a full picture of your options.

Phyllis Ursetta is an Experienced Realtor who is Available to Point the in the Right Direction so you can Determine Whether You Can Buy a Home in Denver with Bad Credit

Feeling unsure about where to start? Not to worry. Phyllis Ursetta, owner of Integrity Denver, has decades of experience working in the Denver real estate market. She knows this market inside and out. If you’re ready to buy a home in Denver but worry your credit score is holding you back, give Phyllis a call. She will help you determine who you need to talk to see if you can make your dream of owning a home a reality. Contact Phyllis today!